Mannuel Ferreira

Hello world.

I'm a Nordic developer working for SATS . Previously taught Frontend development at Noroff Fagskole , before that I helped build and maintain a fashion retailer in Cape Town SA.

Designing, building web applications and websites is my favourite thing. Currently my tech interests are JavaScript, TypeScript, React, GraphQL (client and servers), Node.js®.

I've also written in Vue.js, PHP, Laravel, python. I am experienced with Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku, Netlify & Vercel.

Looking ahead I am quite interested in React Native and DENO.


Typesense an open-source alternative to Algolia and Elasticsearch

Building a custom search into your application can be a deeply technical and expensive endeavor in terms of build hours and license fees. Typesense is aiming to fix those pains with it’s Open-Sourced solution to web search Typesense.

Update outdated node packages for security reasons

It is very easy to update your node packages, using an interactive cli command.

Content Security Policy on Netlify (guide)

After deploying your website to Netlify naturally you run some performance tests using WebPageSpeedTest. You might notice and alarming red "F" or "E" in the top right of the screen.

Syncing a forked repo in the terminal

A fork is your very own copy of some code which you can make changes locally without fear of breaking anything upstream (more on this later). You are free to add some feature and suggest that new feature be added back to the upstream repository.

What is Sass and how does it work

Sass stands for Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets. It is a CSS Pre-Processor meaning you are able to write CSS with super powers of functions, variables, loops, mixins and components or partials.

Terminal for productivity

If you are are software developer building websites you most likely are writing backend code, frontend code, configuring databases, servers and are using html, javascript, work with php, node js, .net, ruby, python insert favourite language you are coding.

Git submodules

git submodules are great, they allow you to add another repository to an existing project. So that you can keep your dependencies separate and managed by separate repos.'