Update outdated node packages for security reasons

M Ferreira
M Ferreira

It is very easy to update your node packages, using an interactive cli command. This is something you should check regularly for security patches and/or improvements. First of all make sure you are using YARN, click here to install.

Run these commands in the terminal at the root level of your node project:

yarn outdated

yarn outdated


yarn outdated v1.22.10 info Color legend : "<red>" : Major Update backward-incompatible updates "<yellow>" : Minor Update backward-compatible features "<green>" : Patch Update backward-compatible bug fixes Package Current Wanted Latest Workspace Package Type URL @testing-library/react 11.2.7 11.2.7 12.0.0 react-drums dependencies https://github.com/testing-library/react-testing-library#readme @testing-library/user-event 12.8.3 12.8.3 13.1.9 react-drums dependencies https://github.com/testing-library/user-event#readme @types/node 14.17.4 14.17.4 15.12.5 react-drums devDependencies https://github.com/DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped/tree/master/types/node dotenv 8.6.0 8.6.0 10.0.0 react-drums dependencies https://github.com/motdotla/dotenv#readme eslint-config-prettier 7.2.0 7.2.0 8.3.0 react-drums devDependencies https://github.com/prettier/eslint-config-prettier#readme ts-node 9.1.1 9.1.1 10.0.0 react-drums-api devDependencies https://typestrong.org/ts-node ✨ Done in 3.00s.


This means after the upgrade you will have to change some client side or server side code depending on what you are working on. It means that the API code for a given library has breaking changes. Functions and methods may have changed, the API code you used to build your own code before the upgrade may no longer be available or may have change to something else.

Usually the terminal will spit out errors with links to help docs if the library was well authored.

So read carefully before proceeding

I will do this regularly to help keep my build up to date with the latest security patches, or if i want to get hold of some new feature from a package.


Means ok the API's have not changed that much, slight improvements have been made to existing API code. So the code you wrote before the update using said API will still work. No code changes required.


Even better, small patch, No code changes needed.

Interactive upgrade to latest

Ok great 🚀, now you can run the update command, it will show table with radio selects showing you what new version you are updating to. Hit the "spacebar" on the keyboard to select an option, for each option.

yarn upgrade-interaction --latest


yarn upgrade-interactive v1.22.10 info Color legend : "<red>" : Major Update backward-incompatible updates "<yellow>" : Minor Update backward-compatible features "<green>" : Patch Update backward-compatible bug fixes ? Choose which packages to update. (Press <space> to select, <a> to toggle all, <i> to invert selection) dependencies name range from to workspace url ❯◯ @testing-library/react latest 11.2.7 ❯ 12.0.0 react-drums https://github.com/testing-library/react-testing-library#readme ◯ @testing-library/user-event latest 12.8.3 ❯ 13.1.9 react-drums https://github.com/testing-library/user-event#readme ◯ dotenv latest 8.6.0 ❯ 10.0.0 react-drums https://github.com/motdotla/dotenv#readme devDependencies name range from to workspace url ◯ @types/node latest 14.17.4 ❯ 15.12.5 react-drums https://github.com/DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped/tree/master/types/node ◯ eslint-config-prettier latest 7.2.0 ❯ 8.3.0 react-drums https://github.com/prettier/eslint-config-prettier#readme ◯ ts-node latest 9.1.1 ❯ 10.0.0 react-drums-api https://typestrong.org/ts-node



YARN will do its thing and updated chosen packages.

Have fun keeping your builds up to date 👋

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