Terminal for productivity

M Ferreira
M Ferreira

If you are are software developer building websites you most likely are writing backend code, frontend code, configuring databases, servers and are using html, javascript, work with php, node js, .net, ruby, python insert favourite language you are coding.

If this is you and you are you just starting out.

The best self investment you can do to boost your productivity is to learn the terminal and get comfortable moving around your computer using the terminal.

You don't have know all the commands right up front. You only need a few key commands lets me show a few. and slowly build from there.

Make Directory

mkdir my-project/

Change Directory

Go to specific folder, type first 2/3 letters and hit the tab key for autocompletion

cd folder-name/

Go back a directory

cd ..

Go back home (on unix based systems)

cd ~/

List directory

Once you've arrived in the directory, next list the contents of directory


To see more details about when the files were last updated, or if you want to see the file permissions

ls -la

Adding new files

Creating files is easy, using the touch command.

touch module.js

Removing files

As easy as creating, deleting is simple as two commands

rm another-module.js

Removing folders

To delete a folder you need to specify the -r flag to remove the parent directory and its sub directories.

rm -r folder-name/

Some times you want to force remove.

rm -rf some-folder/

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