Git submodules

M Ferreira
M Ferreira

git submodules are great, they allow you to add another repository to an existing project. So that you can keep your dependencies separate and managed by separate repos.

You can leverage GIT as dependency management tool, sort of like NPM is for JavaScript.

It's great fo decoupling code where it makes sense.

I would like to keep a repository of blog posts in its own repo, so that i can pull it into any static site generator. So if i decide to move to a new JavaScript Framework its much easier.

Adding submodule to an existing project

Change directory into the already GIT enabled project that you want to include a sub module into.

cd project-folder/

Run the submodule add command

This will initialise the submodule int you existing project.

git submodule add

Run git status

You will notice a new file called .gitmodules in your project. This file will list all submodules initialised.

git status On branch master No commits yet Changes to be committed: (use "git rm --cached <file>..." to unstage) new file: .gitmodules new file: blog-posts

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