FactBook Explorer

M Ferreira
M Ferreira

Facbook Explorer is a web app designed to make navigating statistics data made available from the OECD iLibrary in a user friendly way.

You can expect to find data for Population levels and Gross GDP statistics for each country broken down by year.


Click here for demo

  • Click on country labels to see the country data.
  • The API is hosted on a free plan on heroku, so expect a small delay on data fetch.




What it does

  • get data in spreadsheet format from www.oecd.org
  • flask server cleans spreadsheet data using python pandas library
  • flask and sqlite 3 creates a relational table for each given data set
    • population levels growth
    • gross gdp
  • flask creates and exposes JSON endpoints for each given data set
  • frontend renders a map using MapBox
  • frontend fetches data from JSON endpoint on click
  • frontend renders a table

The project was completed as part of a submission to the Bachelor in Data Science I was studying towards at Noroff University.

It was a group collaboration and you may see all commits and documentation here on github and the backend here.

Read Frontend code here.

Read Backend code here.

The project is by no means feature complete I will continue on it, I will add some fancy new frontend framework as well as add more data to it.

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